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The solidarity and encouragement expressed by the global community after the Easter Explosions has been deeply moving. The outpouring of love through means of articulated support to return on holiday to Sri Lanka and to not cancel planned visits here, has provided a positive strength to the entire industry.

Moreover, among the everyday people in Sri Lanka there is a greater sentiment of coming together as one, in the face of everything they have encountered. Irrespective of race or religion communities of Sri Lankans are banding together to support one another. Muslim mosques are open for Christian prayer. Buddhist priests are supporting churches and mosques. The Catholic Archbishop has been praised for preaching amity and forgiveness. A concentrated effort to stand as one against any negative elements in the hope for a strong future ahead.

Tourism is the largest employer in Sri Lanka and growth in the past few years has uplifted tens of thousands across the country. From hotel staff to tuk-tuk drivers to fishermen. The restoration of this momentum is key, and that momentum is steadily returning.

Several colleagues in the Tourism Industry have come together as the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance to create an enabling online platform & community to promote & support Sri Lanka’s return to the norms of our Island life.

We enclose all the information for your reference and we leave the link so you can visit this website:


Also, if you want, you can follow the following pages and use the hashtag #lovesrilanka whenever possible:



We encourage you to disseminate this fantastic initiative and we remain at your disposal to help you in everything you may need.

Thank you!



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