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The world will never fail to impress, especially when it comes to animals. At some point we find the famous Moroccan argan trees whose fruit exported reports an oil traded worldwide. However, no one knew the other particularity of these similar trees olivero: its climbing goats. If you want to know more about one of the most curious sights of Morocco, you can not stop reading this article.

In southwestern Morocco, particularly Route 40, between the coast of Essaouira and Agadir, both Atlantic capital, we can find endless hectares of argan trees, a sacred tree to the Berber culture because of its rich fruits like olives, whose oil It is used as food and cosmetic items worldwide, in fact would be the best souvenir you can bring you after a visit to the Maghreb.

However, a spectacle that few know is his climbing goats. The semi-desert area of ​​southern Morocco serves instead of constantly growing and cattle crossing the argan during their journeys. Almost thirty goats are able to climb at the same time between the branches of argan, between 10 and 17 m in height generally, settling between the tops of these trees can live 150 years.

Goats climbing up trees by looking argan fruit, which swallow to become oil. Local people, accustomed to this particular show, takes manure from goats to manipulate just to extract the oil that otherwise may bring about 20 hours of extraction.

If you you are preparing to travel to Morocco and explore this nothing better than to take a look at some of these plantations growing in the southwest oil producers argal region. However, you must keep in mind that not always containers argal you to buy be original, as many local suppliers scarce amount of argal mixed with cheap oil.

Climbing goats in Morocco is a unique tourist attraction in the world, although there will take a whole day, can make a nice stop on the way. Hopefully you can toast assail Argan, similar to peanut butter when it is properly fermented.

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