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Before saying goodbye to 2021, which is fast approaching its end, from Oahsis Consulting we want to share the next openings planned on the horizon of our Six Senses property portfolio.

According to our values ​​of exclusivity, luxury and sensitivity, there are important surprises for 2023, 2024 and 2025 that we can already anticipate. In the future, the new destinations that will boast of adding their name to the prestige of Six Senses will be Saudi Arabia, Japan and Lisbon. Three suggestive destinations, constant source of inspiration for travelers who love to discover new cultures and immerse themselves in their diversity.

Let us tell you a little more about each of these projects … Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea will be the name of the new resort that Six Senses will open in Saudi Arabia at the end of 2023. It is part of the “Red Sea Project”, which will extend over 28,000 square kilometers inland and in the west coast of the country. The objective of this macro-planning will be to show that development can also serve to preserve the biodiversity of a territory.

So, in this incredible place in Arabia, where the ancient Nabataean people turned into a prosperous and busy trade route for precious materials such as silk and incense… here precisely, Six Senses will recall all that tradition and history with its resort. The majestic desert, with its immeasurable beauty, will be a well-integrated element in the architecture and decoration of very unique villas and rooms that will offer maximum comfort. Always combining the comfort of the guests with respect for the ecology and the environment; this is the hallmark of the brand.

One year later, until 2024, we will have to wait to stay at Six Senses Kyoto, the chain’s first establishment in Japan. Because the genuine hospitality and the fascinating contrast of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most attractive destination for Western travelers.

Six Senses Kyoto awaits you in front of the Myoho-in Temple and Tokyokuni-Jinja Shrine, a short walk from the colorful Gion district. The serene temples and the beautiful cherry blossom gardens will be an essential visit before returning to the hotel, an authentic urban sanctuary in the heart of the city. Its 81 rooms will be distributed around a central patio with a seasonal garden. The guests will always keep connected with nature.

Likewise, the Six Senses Kyoto spa will embrace traditional medicine and Zen culture, opting for a holistic experience of well-being and calm. And, how could it be otherwise, visitors will be received in the style of traditional ryokans and will be able to participate in the ritual tea ceremony.

Finally, we return to Europe, to finish our tour of novelties in the always captivating Lisbon, where the Palacio Lavra and Palacio das Pedrosas -built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries- will be magnificently renovated in 2025 to house the 114 rooms of the new Six Senses Lisbon. It will be the brand’s second establishment in Portugal, where we already have Six Senses Douro Valley.

The new Six Senses Lisbon will be located next to the famous Elevador do Lavra funicular, very close to the main tourist and cultural attractions in Lisbon. With a private garden, an original artist’s studio aesthetic on its main floor, suites with high ceilings, and traditional Portuguese furniture, it will undoubtedly quickly become one of the hotels with personality most in demand by visitors to the city.

As you can see, Six Senses continue working on impressive projects for the coming years with their #outoftheordinary label.

Very soon we will continue to tell you more news!

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